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Portugal Coins

Portuguese coins of the several centuries, reigns and denominations.

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  • 1st Dinasty - Afonsina

    D. Afonso Henriques by C. Legrand.

    In Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.

  • 2nd Dinasty - Avis

    Aviz Coat of Arms (1385-1580)

  • 3rd Dinasty - Filipina

    Dinasty Filipina

  • 4th Dinasty - Bragança

    Acclamation of João IV of Portugal, by Veloso Salgado, at the Military Museum

  • Republic

    1st Republic Coat of Arms

  • INCM Items

    INCM - The Portuguese Mint - is the result of the merger in 1972 of the National Press and the Mint. INCM is responsible for "the production of goods and services that are fundamental to the functioning of the Portuguese State, such as the minting of metallic money (...)"

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  • Ex-Colonies
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Showing 1 - 12 of 240 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 240 items