Andorra 2020 2€ Summit + Suffrage

AND 2020 - 03/04

New product

2 euro commemorative coins in coincard:

one coin dedicated to the 27th Ibero-American Summit in Andorra and

one coin dedicated to the 50 years of Universal Female Suffrage.

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67,00 €

Data sheet

Year 2020
Face value 2 euro
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 8,5 g
Diameter 25,75 mm
Quality BU - Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 73.500 + 60.000

More info

Summit: The 27th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government will be held in the Principality of Andorra in 2020. Andorra, the newest and smallest member of the Ibero-American Conference, will host this meeting of the highest political level, which comprises 19 Latin American countries together with Spain, Portugal and Andorra, in order to work towards common goals such as Sustainable Development.

The design of the coin shows a tree made up by human silhouettes and tine wheels. The human silhouettes symbolize the integration of society, culture and education for the realization of a sustainable future. The tine wheels symbolize the synergy of movement between the ideas and proposals of participants to this Summit. Next to the tree, there is the logo of this 27th Summit. On its upper side, three triangles represent the colours of the Andorran flag. On its lower side, six triangles represent Andorra’s opening towards Sustainable Development Goals. Around the design, there is the inscription ‘XXVII CIMERA IBEROAMERICANA ANDORRA 2020’ (27th Ibero-American Summit Andorra 2020). The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Suffrage: The design of the coin shows a female face inside a wrapper of endless moving lines. These lines are formed by female names in Catalan language close together, making it difficult to read them individually, as a tribute to solidarity of women in the fight for their rights. The inscriptions ‘50 ANYS DEL SUFRAGI UNIVERSAL FEMENÍ’ (50 years of Universal Female Suffrage) and ‘ANDORRA 1970 - 2020’ complete the design. These inscriptions are also incorporated into the movement of the lines in a way, in order to give more importance to the anniversary that is being commemorated. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.